Penggunaan Proposition of time

We use at with times:
– at 5 o’clock
– at 11.30
– at midnight
– at lunchtime

use in these expressions:
– at night
– at christmas
– at the moment/ at present
– at the same time
– at weekends
– at the age of…

– At christmas = lots of day , penggunaan At pada contoh ini yaitu hari hari sekitar hari christmas tersebut
– At the mall -> biasanya menggunakan “at” kalo untuk kata “mall”

Use in for longer periods of time:
– in April
– in 1986
– in winter
– in the 19 th century
– in the 1970s
– in the mornings(s) / in the afternoon(s) / in the evenings(s)
– in five minutes

a period of time
– since April
– since 1992
– since 8 o’ clock

Use on with dates and days:
-on 12 March
-on Friday(s)
-on Friday morning(s)
-on Saturday night(s)
-on Christmas Day (but at Christmas)

– On my birthday = on that day = one day , penggunaan on hanya untuk menerangkan satu hari itu saja, misalnya ketika di hari ulang tahun

– On the beach -> biasanya menggunakan “on” kalo untuk kata “beach”

From – To
We use from – to

+ beginning and end of a period:
Last evening we watched TV from 5 to 8 o’clock

– For two years

I will have finished this essay by Friday.

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